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American Stimulus Funding Corp. is headquartered in Danbury, CT and was created with the goal of providing small and medium sized businesses an opportunity to get the money they need to grow. The firm is comprised of financial professionals with extensive experience and they have collectively financed hundreds of millions of dollars to small and medium sized businesses. Our company has quickly become one of the largest providers of merchant cash advances and credit card factoring in the country.

We understand that you are building something and that it is not easy for merchants, restaurant owners and other small business operators to get the working capital financing they need to grow and to take advantage of timely opportunities. Our credit card factoring and merchant financing have helped stoke the flames of growth for thousands of smart business operators in all 50 states.


Invested In Our Client’s Success

Our business model is very different than most of the other merchant financing providers. At American Stimulus Funding, we are a direct funding bank and finance our clients ourselves, rather than generate fees by originating transactions and brokering them away. We underwrite the merchant cash advance and plan to hold it on our balance sheet. This fact affirms the confidence that we have in all of our customers, as their financial health is an integral part of ours.


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