We Specialize in Stimulating Business Growth.
• We Fund between $5,000 and $750,000
Fast and Easy Application Process
Will Approve With or Without Credit Card Sales
Personal Credit Not a Factor
Lowest Rates In The Industry
We are DIRECT FUNDERS and have a vested
interest in our clients continued success!
As a direct funding bank, we finance our
merchant cash advances ourselves.
This affirms the confidence we have in our clients as
we have an interest in their continued success.
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Complete our simple online application to get approved in under
24 Hours!
Our quick & simple application does not require detailed
financial or private information.

This is how it works!

  • Your eligibility is determined by your
    average monthly credit card sales
    and / or overall sales volume.
    You receive your cash advance
    within 72 hours.
    We deduct a small percentage of
    your future credit card sales until
    your balance is paid.

We can show you how to make your Stimulus Plan Now.

  • Traditional banks and lending institutions have become even more reluctant to provide small business loans in today’s economic environment. American Stimulus Funding believes that a business with healthy cash flow should be embraced for financing, as they are the cornerstone of our economy. Our merchant cash advance program provides an excellent source of financing to businesses when they need it most. Banks and traditional lenders are notorious for rejecting the majority of merchant loan applicants. We approve over 90% of the businesses that apply for business funding with us, and we typically fund in less then 7 days from application.

Our Merchant Cash Advance vs. Bank Loan

  • Our Merchant Cash Advance offers many features that make it an excellent choice for the success of your business as compared to a business loan from banks and other traditional lenders. These lenders generally require substantial collateral to secure their loans and in most cases they will demand up to 100% more collateral than the actual loan value. They want extensive financial statements, tax returns, business plans, long term business tract records and nothing less than stellar credit. Banks also expect the owners of the business to pledge their personal assets to secure the business loan. American Stimulus Funding does not require any of these things for it Merchant Cash Advance which makes it a superb choice for a business loan alternative. Some features of our merchant funding programs are:
    • No Fees
    • No Collateral Needed
    • Fast and Easy Application
    • No Personal Guarantee
    • Bad Credit Does Not Disqualify
    • No Financial Statements or Tax Returns Required
    • Transactions Fund in 72 hours from Application
    • No Fixed Payments

Some of the business types we’ve funded:

  • American Stimulus Funding is the largest business loan alternative source in the nation. Our team understands your specific industry and brings an unmatched level of expertise. We have helped build and fuel the growth of merchants in every type of industry in all fifty states. We specialize in:
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